100th Monkey October

An artistic exploration into the questions of how we (as individuals within a whole) feel about our current environment. Visual Art. Audio performances. Spoken word. Drinks. Thought. Action.

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Christmas Market

Coming December 2018

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Mystery Event

Wouldn't you like to know...

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Collective Thought

The Tacoma Artists Collective is a gathering of local Tacoma artists with a focus on accountability and community service. With meetings every Sunday, we are individually accountable to the whole and communication is ensured... and what is art, if not communication of intent accompanied with action. The arts are an integral part of community, and not a luxury. Art is necessary. The purpose of the collective is to serve the artist. For what would a museum, a gallery, an arts foundation be without artists? And the purpose of an artist is to serve the community by relaying concepts and ideas to their fellow man. The pillar base of art is the artist. Support for the base is essential. We are that support.